Happy Holidays - 20 Years KM & D Ltd.

21 December 2018

Dear Friends,

At the end of 2018 KM & D Ltd. is celebrating 20th year’s anniversary. The company was founded in Varna, by capt. Mladen Mihaylov, who has managed it successfully for many years, thanks to his professional attitude, skills and knowledge.

During the years we gained experience in ship management, freight forwarding, freight forwarding and ship agency.

Since 2005 KM & D Ltd. has been licensed by Financial Supervision Commission, as an Insurance Broker. In this field, we have applied knowledge in shipping and road transport, establishing long-term relationships with our customers based on mutual trust.

In 2018, we announced the opening of a new office in a communicative location in the city center.

To celebrate the anniversary, we changed the company logo as a symbol of our understanding that the future belongs to innovation and flexibility.

Just in front of the holidays, we wish to all our partners and clients a very Merry Christmas  and a successful New 2019 Year. 

Yours faithfully,
“KM & D” Team