P&I - Protection & Indemnity

In XIX century groups of Shipowners formed themselves into mutual associations in order to meet liabilities, which their hull underwriters were not able or not willing to cover. In these mutual associations, the Shipowners shared each other’s claims, actually forming the Protecting & Indemnity (P&I) Clubs.  Currently, the Shipowners may choose to cover their fleets with Mutual or non-Mutual (fixed premium) Clubs.

The Mutual Clubs are non-profit organizations, where the Shipowners are insuring each other. The annual premiums (calls) are covering only the expenses and claims for that year.  The International Group of P&I Clubs consists of 13 Underwriters, covering approximately 90% of the world’s ocean-going tonnage.

Non-Mutual Clubs are providing fixed premium P&I covers. These are profit companies, offering first class P&I services from many years, mainly for smaller and medium-sized vessels, including those from the offshore sector.  

The risks covered by the Clubs generally include:

    *Cargo liabilities
    *Death and personal injury of Seamen, Passengers, Third parties
    *Liabilities in respect of stowaways or persons saved at sea
    *Liabilities arising from collisions (RDC)
    *Liabilities arising from damage to fixed and floating objects (FFO)
    *Liabilities arising from pollution
    *Liabilities arising from wreck removal
    *Liabilities arising from towage operations
    *Contribution to General Average
    *Sue and labor costs, penalties and fines

Shipowners may request cover for additional risks or reduce some of these mentioned above.

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