Are you an Owner or a Skipper of a yacht ? Do you need a tailor made insurance policy for your motor or sailing yacht ? Are you sailing in Black Sea, Marmara, Mediterranean Sea or you are making an ocean voyage ? You are on the right place !
KM & D Ltd. is an insurance broker specialized in marine insurance, with experience in yacht insurance no matter if you are sailing for pleasure or you are participating in sailing regattas. We can offer you :
  • Liability to Third Parties 
  • Hull & Machinery
  • Liability to crew
  • Skipper Liability
We can offer you insurance terms according Bulgarian Sailing Federation requirements, no matter if you are flaying Bulgarian or foreign flag. We can offer you also higher limits, if you are participating in sailing regattas in Greece, Romania, Turkey, Malta, Italy .. etc.
Call us or send your inquiry by e-mail: insurance@kmandd.com 

 We wish you "fair winds" !