KM & D Ltd. is an insurance broker that offers a variety of auto insurance solutions. We understand the importance of protecting your vehicle and financial security in the event of damage that may occur.

One of the key services we offer is “Green Card” insurance. It is an international document that proves the existence of compulsory automobile civil liability insurance and allows you to participate in traffic in countries outside your home country. The “Green Card” provides you with protection and liability for possible damages caused to third parties or their property in the event of a car crash or accident.

In addition to the “Green Card”, we also offer various types of insurance related to car insurance, such as:

  1. Auto Casco (Full Casco): This is a voluntary insurance that covers damage caused to your vehicle as a result of fire, theft, road accident or other risks. Auto casco provides financial protection for the repair or replacement of the car.
  2. Civil liability: This is a mandatory insurance that covers damage caused by you to third parties or their property while driving the car. Civil liability provides you with financial protection in the event of claims or damages brought by injured third parties.

Our goal at KM & D Ltd. is to offer you the most suitable insurance solutions for your car. We work with leading insurance companies that offer a wide range of products and competitive rates. 

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