KM & D Ltd. is an insurance broker that offers an occupational accident insurance. We understand the importance of protecting workers and covering the risks associated with their work activities.

The occupational accident insurance we offer is mandatory in many jurisdictions and provides coverage in the event of accidents or incidents that may occur while at work. This includes both physical injuries and illnesses resulting from working conditions.

Our team of insurance experts is available to help you understand the mandatory workplace accident insurance requirements in your jurisdiction and offer you customized coverage that meets the specific needs of your company and workers.
With our workplace accident insurance, you can ensure security and protection for your workers by covering the cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation, compensation for temporary or permanent disability and other similar expenses.

Choose KM & D Ltd. as your occupational accident insurance broker and take advantage of our services to ensure the mandatory insurance and protection of your workers. We will help you understand the risks associated with your business and get the right insurance coverage that meets your needs and requirements. 

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