The insurance broker KM & D Ltd. offers CMR insurance (Civil liability of motor vehicles) for cars. We are your trusted insurance partner and are focused on providing quality service and full protection to our clients.
As an insurance broker, we are experienced and work with leading international insurance companies. This allows us to offer you a wide choice of coverage and competitive prices when insuring your vehicle.

CMR insurance is compulsory insurance in many countries and provides cover for your car in case of damage caused to third parties. This includes property damage and bodily injury which may occur in traffic accidents. We help you choose the right insurance plan that fits your individual needs and budget.
At KM & D Ltd. we understand the importance of international partners and have established close relationships with renowned insurance companies from around the world. This allows us to provide reliable and flexible solutions for our customers who move across countries and regions.

Choose KM & D Ltd. as your insurance broker and we guarantee professionalism, personalized service and full protection insurance for your vehicle. Our team of experts is ready to assist you and provide you with the best insurance solutions for you and your needs. 

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