KM & D Ltd. is an insurance broker that offers tourism insurance. Our goal is to provide complete protection and peace of mind to our customers while they are enjoying their travels, whether it’s a holiday at sea or active rest in the mountains.

With our travel insurance, you can feel confident that you are covered in case of unexpected situations, such as illness, accident or lost luggage. Our insurance policies are specially designed to meet the needs and requirements of travelers and offer the following benefits:

  1. Medical insurance: We provide coverage for medical expenses that may occur during your trip, including medical care, hospital expenses, medical examinations and more.
  2. Accident insurance: We provide accident insurance which ensures compensation to you in case of permanent disability or death due to an accident.
  3. Baggage insurance: We cover loss, damage or theft of your personal belongings or luggage during travel.

Our team of insurance experts are available to advise you and help you choose the most suitable insurance for you. Whether you’re planning a holiday at sea or a trip to the mountains, we provide you with protection and support throughout the journey.

Choose KM & D Ltd. as your insurance broker and take advantage of our expert knowledge and experience to enjoy a hassle-free and secure trip.

Our expert team will help you, call now on +359 52 686090 or use our contact form.