At KM & D Ltd., we offer comprehensive insurance solutions, including Charterers Liability insurance, to protect the interests of charterers operating in various environments. Whether your operations are focused on European inland waterways or involve worldwide trading, we can provide tailored coverage to meet your specific needs.

Charterers Liability insurance is designed to protect charterers from potential liabilities arising from their contractual obligations and activities as charterers. It provides coverage for legal liabilities that charterers may face due to damage or loss to the chartered vessel, cargo, third-party property, or third-party bodily injury.

If your chartering operations primarily involve European inland waterways, our policies can be customized to address the specific risks and regulatory requirements associated with these regions. We understand the unique challenges of navigating inland waterways and can provide coverage that accounts for vessel traffic, potential collisions, infrastructure limitations, and other inland waterway-specific risks.

For charterers engaged in worldwide trading, our insurance solutions extend to cover your operations across various global trading routes. We take into consideration the different legal frameworks, international regulations, and potential risks associated with trading in different regions. Our coverage aims to provide comprehensive protection against liabilities that may arise during worldwide trading activities.

By working closely with leading insurers, we ensure that our Charterers Liability insurance policies provide broad coverage, including but not limited to:

  1. Liability to Vessel: Protection against liabilities resulting from damage or loss to the chartered vessel, including collision, grounding, and other vessel-related incidents.
  2. Liability to Cargo: Coverage for liabilities arising from damage or loss to cargo carried under charter party agreements.
  3. Third-Party Liability: Protection against liabilities for damage or loss to third-party property, including docks, ports, and other infrastructure.
  4. Personal Injury Liability: Coverage for bodily injury to third parties, including passengers, crew, or individuals on other vessels involved in the charter party agreement.
  5. Pollution Liability: Coverage for liabilities arising from pollution incidents, including oil spills or other environmental damage.

Our experienced team at KM & D Ltd. will work closely with you to assess your specific chartering operations, trading routes, and risk profile. We will customize an insurance solution that provides the necessary coverage and safeguards your interests as a charterer.

Contact KM & D Ltd. today to discuss your Charterers Liability insurance needs for European inland waterways or worldwide trading. Our dedicated team will guide you through the insurance options available and help you select the most suitable coverage to protect your chartering operations.

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