Since 2005, KM & D Ltd is acting as an insurance broker licensed by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) under № 48-ЗБ/15.06.2005.

Maritime insurance is a diverse and complex business, thus deserving the focus of specialists. As an independent broker, together with Clients and Insurers we work hand-in-hand on solutions for complex insurance matters, bringing the right people and expertise together.

We are insurance brokers specialized in marine insurance. We provide solutions for the specific exposures faced by Ship owners, Cargo interests, Charterers and Ship builders. Our staff has the experience to assist any company operating a marine service business, providing a comprehensive insurance, re-insurance and claims service in all aspects of the marine risk.

Insurance types

Vessels' types

  • Sea-going vessels (dry cargo / tanker)
  • River barges (self-propelled / not self-propelled / pushers)
  • Yachts (sailing / motor)
  • Port inland crafts (tugs / barges / floating cranes)